Puppet Party

27 February 2012

The main focus of Prove Your World is ensuring that the science is right and presented in a way that is educationally sound. Of course we also want the show to be entertaining, which means the characters need to be interesting and appealing. While we have a general overview of each character, the specific personalities need to be developed by the puppeteers.

Hello, puppet! Brian Koberlein
Hello, puppet!

Recently we have started holding secondary meetings we jokingly refer to as “puppet parties,” where I and the puppeteers work to flesh out the characters. The actual series puppets aren’t constructed yet, so we’re using much cheaper and more generic puppets such as the one pictured below.

The folks I work with are very talented, and it’s fun to see how they play with ideas for character personalities, then refine those ideas as they interact with me and each other. The puppet party meetings mean yet another weekly meeting I need to fit into my schedule, but it also makes for a nice change from the regular meetings where we focus on the administrative and development aspects of the series. The puppet parties give us a chance to play with our creative side.