Meeting of the Minds

9 July 2012

This week the Prove Your World team has a day-long retreat meeting. It reminds me of how far the project has come, and how far it still has to go.

The project began through casual discussions among friends. Several of the team members had met during their college years, and then went on to their respective careers in science, education, media, etc. As the project formalized most of our work has focused on specific details: Giving a TEDx talk (check), finalizing 501c3 status (check), formalizing partnerships with supporting institutions (check).

With the retreat we shift toward two major areas: fundraising and implementation. The fundraising side of things follows the fairly regular process that all non-profits follow. The implementation side is much more interesting. What topics do we cover? What stories do we tell? How do we best engage kids? Perhaps most importantly, what do people want to see?