Careful Where You Step

12 January 2013

Filming with Prove Your World. Brian Koberlein
Filming with Prove Your World.

This week Prove Your World filmed a screen test, which is why I’ve been rather silent since the beginning of the year. I’ve been spending most of my time memorizing lines and working on script revisions.

On the series I play a human character surrounded by puppets. As a result, most of my time is spent standing on 3-foot tall boxes while the puppeteers crowd around me to get their puppet in the right position. If I move I have to be very careful where to step, or I would end up faceplanting. There is also limited space on the set, so it gets very crowded with four puppeteers all interacting at once.

Fortunately the puppeteers are quite talented so it is relatively easy to interact with the puppets as characters and ignore all the motion going on around my knees. Then end result is still being edited, but so far it looks pretty good.

Still, after standing on a shaky box talking about science to a sock with eyes, I did start to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.