Best Of

19 August 2012

I’ve gotten an unusually large number of new followers recently, so for new readers here’s some of my more popular posts below. These should give you an idea of my writing style and the topics I cover.

Massive Evidence – There’s a supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy. We can even observe stars orbiting it to determine its mass.

The Universe in a Grain of Sand – We know roughly how many galaxies there are in the universe, and we determined that number by looking at a patch of sky no bigger than a grain of sand.

Gravity Waves – What is a gravitational wave, and how do we know they exist?

A Biased View – How do we deal with bias in our observational data?

Real Kids. Real Questions. Real Answers. – Most of the time I write about astrophysics, but from time to time I also write about another project I’m working on, Prove Your World.