All Work and No Play

17 July 2012

I’ve been writing all afternoon. “The method of Shu simply augments the phase expression of the Fourier decomposition.” Makes perfect sense, right? Maybe I should add a footnote, or another reference…

update - Footnote: Shu (1992) refers to his method as the WKBJ method. This method is more commonly known as the WKB (Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin) method. A reference to Wikipedia (2012) under “WKB Approximation” notes that the J stands for Sir Harold Jeffreys who discovered the method in 1923, several years before WKB (1926). But even these were rediscoveries since the method was first found by Carlini in 1817. Other “discoveries” are ascribed to Liouville and Green (1837), Rayleigh (1912) and Gans (1915).