Remember, Remember

1 November 2021

November has arrived, which brings thoughts of hearth and home. Last month was extraordinarily busy for me, so there were only a couple of posts.

Modern Mysteries

Although we have discovered thousands of exoplanets, few of them have been imaged directly. That will change as new, more powerful telescopes come online. But this new technology will bring new challenges, such as the possibility that we misidentify some planets. What seems like an Earth-like planet might be more like Mars, or even Mercury.

In cosmology, one long-term mystery is whether early cosmic inflation actually occurred. If true, it would solve several cosmological challenges. But a recent study found no evidence for early inflation. This doesn’t disprove the model, but it does mean that our simple models must be wrong. Something much more subtle is in the works.

More to Come

The coming month should see more posts, as my schedule should be saner. With luck, you might also see a book on radio astronomy appear. Until then, I wish you and yours the very best.