My First DragonCon

3 September 2019

As part of my work with NRAO, I was at DragonCon this weekend to be on several science panels. For those who aren’t familiar, DragonCon is a science-fiction and fantasy convention where about 70,000 people gather in downtown Atlanta to celebrate the geeky stuff they love. I’ve never been to such a large convention, so it was an experience to say the least.

My visit to DragonCon was rather last minute, since I filled in for a colleage who couldn’t attend. So I didn’t have the time to prepare that I might otherwise have. It was a fun and interesting time, and I’d be happy to go again.

All packed and ready to go. Brian Koberlein
All packed and ready to go.
Atlanta's subway system is quite good. Brian Koberlein
Atlanta’s subway system is quite good.