The New Site

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This website is undergoing a few changes. To begin with, new blog posts can now be found at It should load faster and be more secure. Eventually the whole site will shift over to the new design, but for now it’s just the blog posts. This also means the mail list and rss feeds will be silent for a while. They will be converted as well, and (hopefully) it should all go smoothly.

The biggest change, however, is that comments are going over to a general forum rather than individual posts. This should reduce the amount of driveby spam while allowing comments to be more community moderated than dictated from upon high. So pardon the dust, check out the new posts, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi, your new site looks great!

    I’m having trouble finding the RSS feed for it, so I can continue to follow you in my feed reader.


  2. I navigated to the old place via bookmark. I figured something was up, but I just wrote it off to Big Science.

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