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  1. The EU model doesn’t say there are no neutrinos, it says they are created at the surface rather than in the core, if you are going to quote do it right.

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      Findlay’s ebook actually has no mention of neutrinos, and states there is no fusion in the Sun. Thornhill has praised Findlay’s book as a good introdution to EU. Some EU models state that fusion occurs on the solar surface, and that has gotten more popular as the evidence for solar neutrinos has become overwhelmingly confirmed. But the level of surface neutrinos would be very, very small, which is flatly contradicted by the evidence. Now EU folks try to argue that neutrino flavor changing doesn’t occur, even though that’s been observed in the lab. They seem to think the 1/3 solar neutrino mystery is still unsolved, but it’s been solved for some time.

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